Loopmasters released Rhythm Section – Anthology

Loopmasters released Rhythm Section – Anthology
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Loopmasters proudly presents Peckham-based London establishment Rhythm Section’s largest production tool yet– Rhythm Section Anthology. The pack features a library of samples put together by Z Lovecraft and other affiliated Rhythm Section artists, including Phrased, Contours, Ruf Dug, and Holloway. Z Lovecraft’s technical versatility and creative approach ensure the sounds in the pack cater to the needs of producers across various genres.

Phrased, the elusive duo from South London, contributed to Rhythm Section Anthology with deep late-night sounds that are perfect for creating brooding atmospheres or heavy techno beats. Contours, from Manchester, adds an eclectic mix of sounds from Africa, Latin America, and other regions to his extensive collection of drums and percussion, exploring the spaces between house, jazz, afro-beat, electronica, and hip-hop. Ruf Dug, the original cyberpunk from Manchester, offers a range of colorful lo-fi and hi-fi drum sounds, while Holloway’s collection features heavy bass sounds taken from the iconic Akai S3000.

All synthesized and recorded in Rhythm Section’s Biodiversity Studios, these sounds are a must-have for any budding or established music maker. With access to a whole vault’s worth of sounds that contain luscious natural live instruments like electric guitars, flutes, marimbas, organs, and pianos, mixed percussion including claves, shakers, congas, and balafons as well as punchy kicks and full drums sets along with synthesized instruments such as synth leads, pads, and sub basses to name a few.

With a mixture of analogue, digital, and natural samples, you can either go down a specific route or free yourself from genre altogether. If retro hardware is what you’re dying to emulate in your tracks, look no further than the Korg ER-1 collection and the 90s-inflected sounds of a Yamaha QY20, or Ruf Dug’s retro-inspired lo-fi drum pack. Holloway’s bass notes and stabs range from low swinging subs to groovy house plucks, suitable for UKG, jungle, breakbeat, and future jazz styles.

In detail expect to find 927 MB of 24Bit 44.1KHZ wavs – 70 Drum Part Loops, 54 Percussion Loops, 29 Bass Loops, 31 Drum Loops, 14 Synth Loops, 9 Keys Loops, 7 Fx Loops, 6 Top Drum Loops, 4 Instrument Loops, 2 Guitar Loops, 2 Pad Loops, 2 Drum Combi Loops, 307 Drum Hits, 280 Synth Hits, 268 Perc Hits, 78 Bass Hits, 76 Fx, 55 Instrument Hits, 40 Gong Hits, 6 Atmospheres and 2 Multi Instruments.

The loops within Rhythm Section Anthology play around 93-158 BPM, ensuring you face no limitations and have absolute creative freedom with the variety provided. These samples are bound to satisfy your taste wherever you come from sonically.

This collection is also fully Loopcloud ready. More information can be found about Loopmasters award winning software here: loopcloud.com



927 MB
24Bit 44.1KHZ 
70 Drum Part Loops
54 Percussion Loops
29 Bass Loops
31 Drum Loops
14 Synth Loops
9 Keys Loops
7 Fx Loops
6 Top Drum Loops
4 Instrument Loops
2 Guitar Loops
2 Pad Loops
2 Drum Combi Loops
307 Drum Hits
280 Synth Hits
268 Perc Hits
78 Bass Hits
76 Fx
55 Instrument Hits
40 Gong Hits
6 Atmospheres
2 Multi Instruments

Download teaser pack for: Rhythm Section – Anthology | Teaser Pack
More info and download here: Loopmasters | Rhythm Section – Anthology