Loopmasters released ZeroZero Analog D&B – Synths & Pads

Loopmasters released ZeroZero Analog D&B – Synths & Pads
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“Upgrade your production game with Analog DnB Synths & Pads, the ultimate tool for taking your Drum & Bass tracks from average to extraordinary.”

Loopmasters proudly introduce Analog DnB Synths & Pads, the latest sample pack from the renowned Drum & Bass duo, ZeroZero. Consisting of Sam and Jesse from the UK, now based in Bristol and Vienna, and with nearly a decade of experience working together, ZeroZero has made a name for themselves as versatile producers in the DnB scene. With releases on prestigious labels such as Ram, CIA, Dispatch, Sofa Sound, and Spearhead, they have earned support from industry heavyweights such as Andy C, Noisia, and Fabio & Grooverider, and received plays on major radio stations such as BBC Radio 1 and Kiss FM.

Analog DnB Synths & Pads is a collection of high-quality, 100% royalty-free samples that are ready for immediate use, and perfect for taking your Drum & Bass production to the next level. The pack includes a diverse range of varied synthesizers and complex pads that can be used to add ambiance and depth to your tracks, as well as heavy, low basslines and diverse effects that are key in building energy. With the variety provided with these samples, you’ll be able to explore lighter elements for a brighter sound or darker segments that can be used to create a heavier feel.

In detail expect to find 325 MB of 24Bit 44.1KHZ wavs – 24 Synth Loops, 19 Pad Loops, 7 Bass Loops, 47 Pad Hits, 24 Synth Hits, 20 Fx and 1 Drone.

True to the fast tempo of Drum and Bass, the loops in this collection play at 174BPM, allowing for use in various subgenres such as neuro, jump up, and jungle. Whether you’re a seasoned producer or just starting out, this sample pack is sure to inspire new ideas and elevate your sound. The possibilities are endless with these samples, so why settle for ordinary when you can have extraordinary? Get your hands on Analog DnB Synths & Pads and take your music to the next level.

This collection is also fully Loopcloud ready. More information can be found about Loopmasters award winning software here: loopcloud.com



532 MB
24Bit 44.1KHZ
24 Synth Loops
19 Pad Loops
7 Bass Loops
47 Pad Hits
24 Synth Hits
20 Fx
1 Drone

Download teaser pack for: ZeroZero Analog D&B – Synths & Pads | Teaser Pack
More info and download here: Loopmasters | ZeroZero Analog D&B – Synths & Pads