Magerit released Kairos

Magerit released Kairos, a eurorack master controller module. With its 8 individual outputs it produces various waveforms, functions, clock signals and even converts MIDI to CV.

The purpose of KAIROS is to control and direct your Eurorack using waveforms, functions, clock signals, and MIDI-to-CV converters. Do you need a sequence of trigger signals for your drums? Done. How about automating a VCF? Of course. What if you want to do polyphony? It is also possible! Well, but it is necessary… We’ve got you covered; it’s also possible with KAIROS. And since there are 8 independent outputs with 12-bit resolution, there is more control for your Eurorack!

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250,00 € (VAT excl.)

More info here: Magerit | Kairos