Mixland released TILT

MIXLAND and Kiive Audio have joined forces once again for another powerful plugin, TILT, a powerful passive tilt/shelving equalizer with an adjustable vacuum tube output stage. This plugin is inspired by classic and modern pieces of tube equipment. The curves and tube circuitry were tuned meticulously to provide a delicious and usable sound. The EQ section features 8 different frequency selections, linkable bands (per the traditional tilt format), and they can be unlinked for extra shelving flexibility. The user’s EQ moves feed directly into the tube circuit and will influence the amount of drive and harmonic saturation that will be heard. Additionally, the user can control the amount of tube saturation using the grit parameter, and the effect ranges from subtle warmth to a sizzly clipping extravaganza depending on the amount chosen by the user.

It is available in aax, vst, and au formats, and is compatible with macOS X 10.7 & higher (M1 and Monterey are supported), Windows 7 & higher (Pro Tools 11 and above).


  • Meticulously-tuned passive equalizer with a rich analog sound
  • Linkable EQ bands for classic tilt function, or unlink for independent shelving boosts/cuts
  • Delicious Class-A triode vacuum tube output stage with adjustable grit parameter
  • Tube stage is post EQ, and is influenced directly by EQ moves that drive into it
  • Satisfying scale animation that reflects the amount of attenuation chosen by the user
  • Gorgeous tube visuals that glow brightly to convey the amount of tube warmth being applied
  • Available in aax, vst, and au formats
  • Compatible with macOS X 10.7 & higher, Windows 7 & higher (Pro Tools 11 and above)

USD 29$

TILT! Passive Tube Equalizer - Mixland - Demo

More info here: Mixland | TILT