Moon Armada released Copy Box

Moon Armada released Copy Box, a lovely sounding lo-fi desktop delay effect with a few twists that enable it to go beyond the normal range of sounds that most delays offer. The key feature is a built-in LFO that modulates the delay time. This can be used subtly to add little quirks to the delay tails, or in an extreme manner that completely mangles the incoming audio (and everywhere in-between) The LFO modulation also allows it to veer into the territory reminiscent of other effects such as chorus, tape warble, vibrato, tremolo, and FM. Beyond this it is simply sounds great; its warm, tape-like character makes is perfect for saturating and colouring sounds. There is also a CV input for modulating the delay time, so you can connect with other gear such as modular synthesizers.

Copy Box • DEMO 1/4

219 €

More info here: Moon Armada | Copy Box