nakst releases free synthesizer Fluctus

Fluctus is a free 3-operator FM synthesizer that’s incredibly simple yet very flexible in the sounds it can produce. Fluctus is currently in beta.

Key features:
– 3 operators (with variable brightness control), soft and hard saturators, 1 multi-mode filter, ping-pong delay and phaser.
– Streamlined single page user interface with scaling ranging from 100% to 200%.
– Over 40 builtin patches in the factory ROM bank, accessible from the patch browser.
– Full support for the new CLAP plugin API.
– No copy protection or DRM.

The plugin is available in both 32-bit and 64-bit formats for Windows.

Supported hosts:
– The new CLAP plugin format, including support for polyphonic non-destructive modulation. Confirmed working in Bitwig 4.3.
– The native FL Studio plugin format, including support for slide/glide notes. Requires FL Studio 9 or newer