NANO Modules released SERRA

NANO Modules released SERRA, a fully controllable 4 segment function generator (Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release) that can be adjusted in time with its own sliders and external CV inputs.
Tweak and modulate shapes until they fit your taste thanks to its built-in Attenuverter & Offset controls.

10HP ADSR Envelope module.
Generate curves, tweak and modulate them with its built-in Attenuverter & Offset controls.
Curves as fast as 1 millisecond, and as slow as 40 seconds.
Function generator can be triggered by hand with the “Manual Gate” button or externally through the GATE input.
Clear layout, comfortable sliders and built-in LEDs for always knowing the Envelope state.

NANO Modules SERRA: Compact, Powerful, and Hands-on eurorack envelope module. Tutorial and Patches

from 135€

More info here: NANO Modules | SERRA