Node Audio released Entonal Studio

Node Audio released Entonal Studio, a microtonal retuning plugin and standalone application. Host and retune any VST/AU instrument, go beyond 12-tone Equal Temperament with the radial graph, and make your tunings simple to play and sequence thanks to flexible keyboard mapping options.

Entonal Studio is available now for Mac. PC and Linux with an introductory price of £59. The price will increase to MSRP £79 on 16th August. Entonal Studio can run as a standalone application, or as a VST2, VST3 or Audio Units plugin. It can host VST2, VST3 and Audio Units plugins. A 28-day free unlimited demo is available from

Entonal Studio – Step into the World of Microtonal Music

Intro: £59
Regular: £79

More info here: Node Audio | Entonal Studio