Noise Engineering released Univer Inter

Describing Univer Inter as merely a MIDI-to-CV module falls short of its immense potential. It serves as an all-encompassing MIDI-to-any-format converter, elegantly packed into a compact 6 HP unit. Connect to your gear via USB B or TRS MIDI, or use the included adapter to plug straight into those 5-pin DIN connecters we all know and love. Whether you’re looking to map clock, note, CC, aftertouch or something else that MIDI can encode, UI can do it: we built in over 20 settings for each of the 8 outputs.

Want to control a pair of monophonic voices, complete with velocity and aftertouch? No problem. How about a polyphonic setup, with gate and pitch per voice? Easy. Need to synchronize an in-the-rack sequencer with your DAW or a MIDI clock? UI has you covered.

Eight outputs aren’t enough, you say? Chain two UI together via their front-panel MIDI ports and a TRS cable for 16 – you read that right, 16 – configurable CV outputs from a single MIDI connection. The possibilities are endless.

We also made configuration simple via the front-panel USB connection and the easy-to-use Univer Inter section on the Noise Engineering Customer Portal. Go wild and set each channel to any output option you need, or just use one of our simple presets. Configuration files can also be saved as Sysex files for easy backup and sharing.

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More info here: Noise Engineering | Univer Inter