Oscarizor 2 releases free version by Sugar Audio

Sugar Audio has released a new update 2.0 of Oscarizor. A spectrum multianalyzer includes much improvements like:

“– Multi channel support for spectrum analyzer (Pro)
– Intuitive and free mouse spectrum scaling (Free/Pro)
– Multi channel correlation meter (Pro)
– Automatic instrument tuner (Pro)
– FFT size, window (7 functions) and average controls (Pro)
– Spectrum tilt/slope knob (Free/Pro)
– Initial autosync to receives (Pro)
– Resync to receives button (Pro)
– M/S (mid/side) view (Pro)
– Freeze all (global freeze) button (Pro)
– Oscilloscope maximum time size enhanced to 30 seconds (@ 44kHz SR) (Free/Pro)
– Win/Mac AAX support added (ProTools 12+) (Free/Pro)
– Mac 32 bit support added (Free/Pro)
– bugfixes”

SugarAudio – Oscarizor 2.0