Psychic Modulation released BendoBox

Psychic Modulation released BendoBox, an exploratory, rhythmic multi-effect for manipulating beats and transforming ordinary sounds into entirely new material. Band-splitting, bass-boosting, crunchy saturation, bpm-synced chopping and gating, beat-locked pumping effects, gated feedback and sequenced delay send variations are just some of the many sound-altering possibilities.


  • High/Low Frequency Splitter.
  • Bass Enhancer.
  • Resonant Low Pass Filter.
  • Saturation with extra Crunch.
  • Mod Gate Sequencer: An LFO/Gate combo.
    • Uses include:
    • Ducking and Pumping.
    • Volume Gating.
    • Beat Chopping.
    • Filter Modulation.
    • Spatial Effects.
    • Gated LFOs.
  • Echo: Stereo BPM Delay Unit.
  • Delay Gate Sequencer for triggered delay sends and feedback gating.
  • Freakout: Sporatic randomization of various aspects of the overall effect.
  • Sub-Presets for each FX and Mod/Gate section.
  • Randomize button for each section.
  • Custom GUI scaling.
  • Intuitive patch management system.
  • Several presets to get you started.


BendoBox - Beat Manipulation Effect

$59 + VAT in EU

More info here: Psychic Modulation | BendoBox