Punk Labs released OneTrick Urchin

Punk Labs released OneTrick Urchin, a hybrid drum synth that models the gritty lo-fi sound of beats from vintage records without sampling. It takes spectral and physically modeled drums, running them through simulated studio reverb, a vinyl or tape player, and finally a digital sampler. The result is a fat and saturated drum machine that creates a vibe of sampling with the control of a synthesizer.


  • Preset browser with tags and editing
  • 20 factory preset kits
  • Multi-out or stereo
  • Vinyl or tape noise and saturation
  • Realtime “playback speed” of synthesized media
  • Studio reverb
  • Nondestructive modulation (CLAP only)
  • All parameters are automatable
  • No telemetry or analytics
  • No DRM
  • Open source to inspect, learn from, adapt, and improve

USD 79$

More info here: Punk Labs | OneTrick Urchin