Sample Fuel released Cycle-Lite (Free wavetable synthesizer for HALion Sonic SE)

CYCLE-LITE is a stream lined version of CYCLE-CRE8. A few select features have been disabled in CYCLE-LITE compared to the Full Version of CYCLE-CRE8, but it is still incredibly capable! With the full version of CYCLE0-CRE8, you will have access to these features which have been disabled in CYCLE-LITE:

  • Over 675 sample sources
  • 2 more cycle shapes (for a grand total of 4)
  • An extra assignable LFO
  • Another Step Modulator
  • A Compressor
  • 2 Layer program presets
  • And over 450 expertly curated patch presets.

More info here:
Sample Fuel | Cycle-Lite