SKnote released Comp760

SKnote released Comp760, a detailed model of one of the most powerful dynamic-control units ever made. It combines several functions in one to give the user complete control on the dynamics of an audio signal. It is great both for technical and creative use.

Main features:

  • FET feedback (smoother) compressor.
  • Fast Limiter (combined with compression gives powerful control on peaks).
  • Multi-mode Expander-Gate (we departed from the original here and added an upward-expansion option).
  • Component-level modelling of circuits (detailed, no sampling).
  • Internal oversampling.

While the vintage hardware unit can be complicated to use, we made it simpler by adding a detailed graphical interface and simplified controls. Also, re-arranging the set of controls (how the dynamic aspects are arranged and linked) makes using presets more useful and quick. Define a “window” on the dynamic response by combining Thresholds and Ratios, “move the window” to hit the desired range of the dynamic range.

SKnote "Comp760", a "beast" of a compressor, made simple.

More info here: SKnote | Comp760