Solid State Logic released SubGen

Solid State Logic released SubGen, a sophisticated, high-quality sub bass harmonic synthesizer that takes bass and LFE material to places no EQ can…
Developed around a natural-sounding bass synthesis algorithm, which utilises wave inversion to generate a bipolar waveform an octave lower than the source material, SubGen can quickly and easily give you huge, natural sounding bass, with control and refinement to sit perfectly in your mix.

Whether you’re a musician looking to easily rebuild bass frequencies in thin-sounding guitars or drums, or post-production engineer wanting to generate LFE content for a film mix or sound design project, SubGen’s unique 4 band design, combined with renowned SSL ‘DRIVE’ and ‘COMPRESS’ features offer the ultimate in bass generation and control.

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$79.99 Tax excluded

More info here: Solid State Logic | SubGen