Sonicware announced LIVEN BASS&BEATS for preoder

Sonicware announced LIVEN BASS&BEATS for preoder, a new Wavetable Bass Synthesizer and Rhythm Machine.

Unleash our wavetable engine to create thick basslines that fit into all genres.
Combine wavetable modulation and our rich resonant filter to create satisfying growls and wobbles.

The bass synth engine includes:
– Two independent Wavetable oscillators with the 32 available wavetables.
– One sub-oscillator
– One noise generator which can create 10 different noise types.

Add even more flavor to your basslines with the built-in LFO, envelope generator, unison control, multi-mode filter, and distortion effects.

Pre-orders are estimated to ship in February 2022*.
( General sales are scheduled to begin in May 2022. )
*Please note, factors outside of our control may cause delivery delays.


More info here: Sonicware | LIVEN BASS&BEATS

Sonicware at : Thomann