Sonicware released LIVEN Lofi-12

Sonicware released LIVEN Lofi-12, a retro sampling engine with 12bit sampler mode that will turn any sound into a pleasing lo-fi sound.

Like the many legendary samplers that were released in the late 80s, this is a genuine low-bit and low sampling frequency sound that cannot be obtained authentically with bit crusher effects and other modern sound degrading tools.
Up to 4 seconds mono sampling per sample slot (2 seconds mono sampling at the 24kHz mode). Start and end point trimming, pitch adjustment, reverse playback, sustain loop, filtering and LFO modulation are all possible.


  • Retro sampling engine with 12bit Sampler mode
  • Easily play samples chromatically across the keyboard
  • Powerful 4-track sequencer with parameter and sound locking
  • Laid-back knob for creating drunk beats
  • 11 types of Effects each track and 8 types of Master Effect

LIVEN Lofi-12 (Official PV)


More info here: Sonicware | LIVEN LoFi-12