Sound Magic released Dynamic9:Blue25

Sound Magic released Dynamic9:Blue25, a modeled API 2500 Bus Compressor unit. It is a high-end analog compressor that’s designed for use on the mix bus of a mixing console or in mastering applications. It’s a stereo compressor that provides a range of compression settings, including hard/soft knee compression, variable attack and release times, and adjustable threshold and ratio controls.

The API 2500 is known for its ability to add warmth, punch, and character to a mix, while also controlling dynamics in a transparent way. It has a unique “thrust” control that adds low-end punch and tightens up the mix, and a “mix” control that allows you to blend the compressed and uncompressed signals together.


  • Universal VST3 Format for both PC and Mac
  • Audiounit Format for Mac
  • Supports Native Apple Silicon Mac and Intel Mac
  • 4x oversampled internal processing

Intro: $19.99
Regular: $39.00

More info here: Sound Magic | Dynamic9:Blue25