Sound Magic released Dynamic9:Red4

Sound Magic released Dynamic9:Red4, is a series dynamic processing unit modelled from vintage units. By using the latest Black Box Modelling technology, Dynamic9 series can offer an affordable price for the vintage sound. If you want a vintage unit sound, Dynmaic9 series has an unbeatable advantage in performance/cost efficiency.

Red4 is modelled from a SSL 4000 G Master Bus Compressor unit. It is ideal for enhancing piano dynamics or adding punch to drums and percussion. Also it can serve as a finalizer for your mixes, with its ability to bring your mix to a brand new level.


  • Universal VST3 Format for both PC and Mac
  • Audiounit Format for Mac
  • Supports Native Apple Silicon Mac and Intel Mac
  • 4x oversampled internal processing

Intro: $9.99
Regular: $19.00

More info here: Sound Magic | Dynamic9:Red4 – SSL Compressor Emulation