Steinberg released Cubase 12

Steinberg released the latest iteration of Cubase, offering significant new feature additions and many improvements to ensure smooth workflows when composing, recording and mixing music.

With version 12, every member of the Cubase family, from the high-end Pro edition to Artist and the entry-level Elements edition, introduces significant new features and workflow enhancements. With a comprehensive set of efficient tools, all editions set the benchmark for modern music productions, with a sound quality that remains second to none.


  • Audio Warp Quantize
  • Channel Strip (Advanced)
  • Channel Strip (Basic)
  • New Licensing System
  • MIDI Remote
  • Chord Pads
  • Comping
  • Sampler Track 2
  • MixConsole
  • VariAudio 3
  • Scale Assistant
  • Groove Agent SE
  • Spectral Comparison EQ
  • Advanced Audio Export
  • Control Room
  • Easy side-chaining

What is New in Cubase 12 | Promo Video

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