Steinberg released Halion 7, Halion Sonic 7 and Absolute 6

Steinberg has announced the release of its latest software offerings, including Halion 7, Halion Sonic 7, and Absolute 6. These new products represent a significant leap forward in sound design and production capabilities, providing users with an unprecedented level of control and creative possibilities.

Halion 7 is a powerful sampler and sound creation system that allows users to manipulate and craft sounds in intricate detail. The new version includes an array of advanced features, including a revamped user interface, granular synthesis, and a sophisticated sampling editor.

Halion Sonic 7 is a versatile workstation that combines sampling and synthesis capabilities, making it an ideal tool for sound designers and producers alike. The latest version features an expanded library of sounds, an enhanced arpeggiator, and a host of new effects.

Absolute 6 is a comprehensive collection of Steinberg’s premium instruments and effects, including Halion, Halion Sonic, Groove Agent, and more. The new version includes updated versions of all the included software, as well as several new additions, such as Dark Planet and Triebwerk.

“We’re thrilled to release these new products, which represent the culmination of years of development and innovation,” said Steinberg’s product marketing manager, Florian Haack. “We’re confident that they will provide our users with an unparalleled level of control and creativity.”

The new software products are available now on the Steinberg website and through authorized dealers worldwide.

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