Superbooth 2024: Erica Synths announced Graphic Resonant Filterbank

Erica Synths announced Graphic Resonant Filterbank, a 10-band resonant filterbank with a fully-analogue signal path and digital control over individual band levels. This new architecture gives an unprecedented level of control for shaping sounds with the possibility of saving presets, randomizing band levels, applying clocked modulations and even allowing for the module to act as an unconventional multimode filter. The CV inputs for all bands and the clock input allow for integrating the Graphic Resonant Filterbank into any Eurorack system. Whether you’re looking for a delicate sound design tool for balancing out the frequencies in your patch to sound just right or an experimental scream machine that can mangle any sound source into uncharted territory, the module does it all – a versatile secret weapon for your rack!


  • 10 band analogue resonant filterbank
  • Digital control over band levels
  • CV control over each band level
  • Configurable resonance loops (one or several bands)
  • EQ, Lowpass, bandpass, highpass and notch filter modes
  • Patch memory
  • Clock input for clocked modulations or patch selection
  • Spectrum analyzer mode
  • Module width – 20 HP

More info here: Erica Synths | Graphic Resonant Filterbank