TC Electronic have lowered the prices for ICON SERIES

TC have lowered the prices for their ICON SERIES, which is a very interesting combination of software plugins with hardware control.

Out of The Box Thinking for In-The-Box Producers
Delay, Reverb, Compressor and EQ Plug-Ins with Dedicated Hardware Controllers
The TC Electronic ICON SERIES Audio and Effects Plug-Ins are designed to serve our Recording and Broadcast Customers.
TC Electronic – We’ll Get You On Stage.
We at TC Electronic believe in you and your music. Our sole purpose is to provide you with tools to get you on stage and in the studio.

TC ICON DOCK - Out of The Box thinking for In-The-Box Producers

~ 98 € per Module except Master X HD-DT (239 €) and TC2290-DT (139 €)

More info here: TC Electronic | ICON SERIES

Also available at : TC Electronic @ Thomann