Tracktion releases Waveform Pro

Waveform is a rapidly evolving application specifically designed for the needs of modern music producers. Specializing in creative and inspirational workflows and avoiding features not explicitly needed allow the app to remain surprisingly fun and intuitive.

New Features in Waveform 12
– New colour editor to adjust UI appearance (with 20+ presets)
– Bolder, higher contrast UI
– Unified properties and actions panel
– New dedicated actions side panel
– Master channel strip added to mixer
– Added new plugin buttons to arrange track mixer area
– Option to show full length loop markers
– Added master track to arrange and mixer areas
– Improved arrange track plugins layout

New Engine
– Completely rewritten audio engine
– Perfect PDC in all routing configurations
– Reduced CPU load (25% typical)
– Better support for modern machines with a high number of CPU cores

Control Surfaces
– Added support for Icon control surfaces, Presonus Faderport, Korg Nanokontrol, Komplete Kontrol S/M/A, Behringer XTouch Mini/Compact/One, Arturia Keylab
– Control surfaces can trigger actions in current quick actions bar

– Fold: notes in key, notes in use, named notes
– Improve MIDI zooming on first use
– Added MIDI shortcuts: playGuideNotes, midiNoteUp, midiNoteDown, splitNotes3, selectNextNote, selectPrevNote, selectNotes
– Add knife
– MIDI Typing: floating onscreen MIDI keyboard
– Added ability to drag MIDI clips and MIDI clip presets into existing clips
– Added scroll bars to MIDI editor

– Basic hotkeys like scroll and zoom now affect MIDI editor if it has focus
– Added drum grid to MIDI editor
– Added MIDI event list editor
– MIDI CC now follows notes when moved/copied
– Added randomisation to velocity, pitch, start, length and CC value
– Improved CC editing, can be copied and pasted between types
– Added MIDI strum. Drag notes with shift

Add up to 16 plugins on the master bus (up from 4)
New & Updated Effects
– Compressor
– Gate
– Limiter
– Chorus
– Phaser
– Stereo Delay
– Distortion
– Non Linear Reverb
– Plate Reverb
– Natural Reverb
– Impulse Response
– Phaser

– DJ Filter
– Single band EQ
– Three band EQ
– Eight band EQ (with adjustable slope and mid/side mode)
– Guitar IR

– Bass Synth
– Rompler
– Micro Sampler

– AB Switch
– Mono
– Mid/side splitter
– Spectrum analyser
– MIDI Note Name

Quick Actions
– Multiple rows of quick actions can now
– be added to the arrange window
– Icons can be added to buttons
– for quick visual reference

New Engine
– Completely rewritten audio engine
– Perfect PDC in all routing configurations
– Reduced CPU load (25% typical)
– Better support for modern machines with a high number of CPU cores

Drum Samples & Micro Drum Sampler
Multi Sampler
– Add clear, icon and colour to pad context menu
– Added two FX buses

Added a new browser side panel with different sections.
Plugins now default to order by manufacturer
Tag cloud can be closed if not needed
Tag cloud only shows tags present in results
Search now searches results from the current selection
Results appear in a tree structure based on disk order
Favourite tags are displayed as coloured indicators in results
Selecting and dragging a single plugin/preset/file will drag it in to the Edit
Selecting and dragging multiple files will add them as new sequential clips or on new tracks
Additional colums can be shown by right clicking the menu bar (name, tags, location, size)
Clicking column headers changes the sort order of results
The “Show folders” button can be disabled to view all results in a flat list
Folder openness will be remembered when switching categories
Selected items show a preview at the bottom of the browser
Shortcuts are available to show the browser and focus on the search field for quick visual reference

Buy it here and get more infos: Tracktion Waveform Pro