Triple Spiral Audio released Gh’nuhan

Triple Spiral Audio released Gh’nuhan at Pulse Audio with a great discount!

The instruments in Gh’nuhan take you on a ethnic/fantasy journey through a collection of “imaginary” instruments, pad and textures. The instruments and sounds in Gh’nuhan are created from a collection of recordings of woodwinds, snare and strings, mallets and all kinds of percussive instruments that are processed through various effects and processes to create new sounds.

Gh'nuhan Walkthrough


  • 1400+ samples (48khz/24bit + watermarked)
  • 2.75 GB (NCW compressed – 4.35 GB uncompressed)
  • 60 NKI files (instruments, pads + textures)
  • 15 NKM files (multis)
  • Reverse function on all the instruments
  • 3x round robins on the short and percussive instruments
  • 5 effects controlled via main controller or seperate control on effects page (Filter, Imager, Chorus, Phaser and Flanger)
  • ADSR controls (Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release)
  • Impulse Response Reverb
  • Delay
  • Arpeggiator

€ 42.76

Deal available here: Pulse Audio | Gh’nuhan