Twiddle Coding released Mindful Harmony for free

Twiddle Coding Releases Mindful Harmony – A New Plugin for Harmonic Processing

Twiddle Coding released of Mindful Harmony, interactive circle of fifths as the foundation for your musical compositions and make deliberate and purposeful modulations with ease. Simply pick a key and mode from the Circle of Fifths, and the Chord Selector will help you find the chords that work best with it. Find chord progressions in Dorian, Mixolydian, Lydian, Melodic minor, Harmonic minor, and many more scales, and use the interactive circle of fifths to understand the relationships between scales without the need of memorizing a lot of music theory. It opens up the world of concepts like modal interchange in an accessible way.

The Mindful Harmony app is not just limited to finding chords, but it’ll also show you how to craft chord progressions that flow smoothly between different keys by showing you how many notes a new chord has in common with the previous chord in the progression.

More info and here: Twiddle Coding | Mindful Harmony