u-he released Repro-1 (public beta)

u-he released a public beta of their new upcoming synthesizer Repro-1.

“This is our first emulation of a specific synthesizer. It’s a mono synth from 1982 which happened to be the first analogue synth keyboard I laid hands on. It’s a quirky little bugger with a lot of character and a cleverly laid out feature set. I think, out of all vintage analogue mono synths this one has the right blend of features – it’s neither too restricted nor too confusing. Plus, it has a sequencer with two patterns.

Most importantly though its circuitry is tailored around a set of analogue chips which provide for some quite uncommon properties, starting with how the waveforms mix, how the filter distorts and how the envelopes snap. We’ve spent and awful lot of time and brains to get this right. And I think we got amazingly close and detailed with this.

While our job isn’t done – i.e. some “tweak presets” and large parts of the factory library are still missing – we would like to invite everyone to check this out and give us some feedback. As is our usual modus operandi, we’ve put it up for sale with a special intro price during this beta phase. We hope to release this by end of November…”

Need to know:

  • It’s an emulation of a classic mono synth. It’s strictly monophonic – no poly or unison switch!
  • We have not added much – just as much as it needs to be a plug-in
  • Okay, we added some nice effects and a small ModMatrix
  • The final version will have a lot more presets
  • This version is very stable
  • It always processes – we will try to bring CPU down a bit more, maybe even offer a stand by, but we can’t promise yet
  • The parameter layout may change a little, try to automate as few parameters as possible
  • There is no FX or I/O version yet. We’re having trouble doing this, so we are not sure if and in which form this is gonna happen
  • Read The User Guide!!! (A few things are not up to date, but all in all it’s got invaluable information)