Variety of Sound released BootEQ mkIV for free

BootEQ – the classic EQ / Preamp combination

BootEQ is a classic EQ and preamplifier combination. With four independent parametric EQ bands, it offers well selected and musical sounding EQ curves with both asymmetric and proportional curve behaviour. The unit offers elegant audio colouration capabilities with a dedicated preamp stage capable of adding harmonic overtones as well as pleasant tube and transformer based saturation effects.


  • Four independent parametric EQ bands
  • elegant audio colouration capabilities
  • dedicated preamp stage
  • harmonic overtones
  • tube and transformer based saturation effects.

BootEQ mkIV features authentic audio transformer circuitry in the preamplifier stage and the signal saturation effects can now be adjusted not only continuously, but also fully volume-compensated. The update adds VST3 support and also includes bug fixes and a revised manual is now available online. Available for Windows VST and VST3 as freeware.

More info here: Variety of Sound | BootEQ mkIV