Vicious Antelope released Burden for Pigments and Analog Lab V for free

Vicious Antelope released Burden, a 25 weird and experimental presets soundbank for Arturia Pigments and Analog Lab V synthesizers. It is a compact and free expanse with many interesting sonic characteristics.

The main ingredient is the flat dynamics for all sounds. Using the Multiband Compressor or the Single Compressor plays a crucial role on the sound manipulation here. The volume of all presets is in low intensities for safer output from the synth as the huge compression that take place and especially when it comes to the Multi Band one, may add some distortion or an amount of unexpected gain and punch to mid and low frequencies.

This soundbank is a collection of bizarre, harsh, dirty and complex patches which can find their place in experimental forms of productions or in every genre if adding an extra weird sonic layer with flat dynamics is the goal.

The first preset is calm despite the flat dynamics and could be used for melodic purposes also. Burden 02 is bright and harsh while Burden 03 is crispy and dominant. Burden 06 sounds a bit hollow and rasping. Burden 08 is fuller with more focused timbre and Burden 09 adds nice tension. Burden 10 is a dirty electric piano while the 13th one is much calmer. The Burden 16 is clicky and finally the Burden 23 and 24 have an organic touch.

In some patches the tail of the sound after releasing the key carries a rusty and ugly distortion that may travel through the two sides of the stereo field.

The macros here are assigned to 4 specific elements. The first one adds more voices and detuning, the second open the parallel reverb from the Aux channel, the third is adjusting the phase modulation in the wavetable page and the last one adds a touch of Tape Delay (sometimes the tape delay contributes to the warmness of the sound).

Mod wheel is adding vibrato and Aftertouch modulates the pitch of the sound sources.

The patches are using the wavetable engine of Pigments 4.

All presets designed with Pigments (x64) and run best with this or newer edition

Analog Lab V edition: Soundbank needs at least version Analog Lab V (x64) or newer

More info and free download here: Vicious Antelope | Burden