Vicious Antelope released Synth Ostinato for Pigments and Analog Lab V for free

Vicious Antelope released Synth Ostinato, a new soundbank for Arturia Pigments and Analog Lab V synthesizers is a free preset library of 24 short polysynths great for performing steady rhythmic patterns harmonic mainly or even some melodic ones.

An ostinato is a repeating rhythmic or melodic pattern that serves as a building block for a composition. It can be a short phrase or a longer sequence of notes, and it can be played by any instrument or voice within a musical ensemble. Ostinatos can be found in a wide variety of musical genres, including classical music, jazz, pop, and world music. They can add texture, create tension or release, and help establish a sense of continuity or stability within a musical work.

For most presets the mids are dominating the sound field and they have a discrete attack sound. They are pretty much aggressive maybe with a couple of exceptions. The delay and/or reverb are playing a crucial role in the formation of the rhythm – you could change the note values timing in the effect section or even disable them and use some external devices.

All macros are assigned to a variety of settings to add some new sonic dimensions. Modwheel adds vibrato (although as the presets here are mainly short it is not very discernible and Aftertouch modulates the overall pitch.

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More info and free download here: Vicious Antelope | Synth Ostinato