W. A. Production released OBSIDIAN

W. A. Production released OBSIDIAN, a difficult beast to pin down and to explain – and honestly, you’re probably better skipping the science and just taking OBSIDIAN for a test run to experience the mind-melting modulation that it has to offer. The plugin is more like a creative instrument than a traditional audio device. Route any audio through OBSIDIAN and it will transform the nature and timbre of the sound in sometimes unexpected ways, adding colour with a secret-sauce FX matrix and spectral delay.

As music makers, we’re always looking for new ways to take our projects to the next level. We want to create sounds that are unique, original, and sonically stunning. Complex plugin chains and outboard equipment all have their place, but sometimes you just need a quick fix to add a unique flavour. OBSIDIAN is here to help your synths, bass lines, and vocals stand out from the crowd, achieving magical results in just a couple of clicks.

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More info here: W. A. Production | OBSIDIAN