wave alchemy released Bassynth

wave alchemy released Bassynth, an entirely new kind of Bass Engine for the creation of modern, organic, ground-breaking bass; driven by a diverse and creative library of beautifully designed multi-sampled Sound Sources, Oscillators and scannable Wavetables.

Featuring a forward-thinking interface and creative user workflow, BASSYNTH delivers a powerful 4-Layer Voice Engine, Polyrhythmic Motion Designer, extensive sound design parameters per voice, tag-based browsing, drag+drop Macros, modular Effects System, Wavetable Engine and over 290 playable presets.

BASSYNTH by Wave Alchemy - Organic Low End

A labour of love with an astounding level of detail, BASSYNTH’s sound library is without doubt our finest achievement to date; combining filthy analogue synths, gritty modular bass, oscillators & wavetables; with heavily processed bass guitars, powerful live brass sections, designed low winds & strings. tortured percussion & mallets, 808s & subs, Foley, noise & transients, heavily processed acoustic instruments, and much more…

Bassynth is directly available at the wave alchemy website for £149.95 – currently £119.96

More info here: wave alchemy | Bassynth