ZAK Sound Releases Ibiskus for free

a plugin featuring five rare wind instruments transformed into 23 creative sounds, perfectly suited for genres such as lofi or ambient/cinematic music.

The inspiration for Ibiskus came when we stumbled upon a set of five unique wind instruments at a local market. We thought it would be a great idea to create a virtual instrument from these rare samples. We purchased the instruments and experimented with each one, even those we weren’t familiar with, like the slide whistle.

After several experiments and recordings, we created 23 different sounds, which were divided into two categories – short and endless.

The “shorts” presets consist of staccato recordings of the instruments, ideal for lo-fi/alternative music genres or if you’re simply looking for flute, sikus, or slide whistle sounds. On the other hand, the “endless” presets are created by looping long notes to create an infinite sound, making them ideal for ambient and cinematic genres.

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More info and free download here: ZAK Sound Releases Ibiskus, a Free Plugin Created from Rare Wind Instruments