Talk-Zone #5 Interview with Nouveau Niveau

Hello Noizefielderz,

today we present you an interview, with the record-label Nouveau Niveau. It’s the label from the club-legend Tom Novy and we are proud that we had the chance to talk with them. If you have got a real good own demotrack, you can send it to Nouveau Niveau, as you can read below in the text. Enjoy it!

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What was your intension to start Nouveau Niveau? Are the other labels, like the majors, not good enough?
Well, first it is always good to be independent. Who wants to be Nr. 783 in a rooster of 1.000 ++. Also we want to give Newcomer, “smaller” Artist a chance to publish their Music. If you sent out a promo to a major these days, sometimes they don’t even reply to you. Furthermore a lot of majors want to take artists exclusive, might because of one track and than the artist is trapped. We provide freedom.

How much guys are involved in the daily label process? (cover designer, booking, producers, office-managers etc..)
Basically we are a two-man show. Surely we have somebody who takes care of the mastering, the cover design but these are external stuff. Nevertheless they are part of the Nouveau Niveau family.

Which forthcoming releases could the Nouveau Niveau fans expect next?
Great Music. ;)

That sounds interesting ;) Does each artist have a voice in (Mitspracherecht) remixes, coverdesign etc. when a new track will be released, or does only the labelowner determine which remixers will be hired etc..
Yes. Of course every artist has a voice. We respect their wishes. Sometimes have to say no, that is for sure, might because the ideas are not realistic. But at the end we want to provide a maximum freedom.

Is there a plan for a new album or compilation from Tom Novy in the next time?
This year so far we had already two compilations made by Tom Novy. “Miami Beatz 2015”, FAZE Mag #37, which went on #2 in the iTunes electronic charts. Also the upcoming “TIMELESS Ibiza 2015” compilation.

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Will there be an own Nouveau Niveau labelnight in the near future?
We are already working on it – so stay tuned.

If some of our readers want to send you their own demotracks, do you listen to them and if you do that, what does a track need to have to raise the chances to be signed at Nouveau Niveau?
Of course we are listening to every track what we receive. And there is no secret recipe. You can send us demos / promos to:

The label-profile (and also the artists) seems to have their own style. They’re not producing only an actual, hyped style for the masses (like EDM). In spite of that, your label has got success without running after the commercial trends. What’s your secret behind that?
Well we are the best A&R’s in the world, LOL – I’m kidding. Might is because we, especially our artists, are still at the base. They see which track makes people dance or not.

What was the most successful track from Nouveau Niveau that has been released already?
I guess “Dancing in the Sun” Tom Novy feat Amadeas, but also “In my mind” by Shuja & Jazzyfunk or Sebastian Wojkowski’s “With you”. At the end for most of our tracks we receive great feedback.

Let’s tell our readers one or more secrets, that people didn’t knew before about your artists or label.
The Name Nouveau Niveau came when we had a big party weekend in paris back in the days. Alex, Tom’s tour manager is a french guy and they were hanging out with some nouveau rich kids. Those kids hat no style and were showing of with daddy black Amex, so Tom and Alex got pissed of and thought they need some niveau instead of being just wannabe’s . So Alex came with with this french-english word mix Nouveau Niveau! So here we are. A child was born and the name is program. We want to make music with niveau.

Thank you very much for taking time for this interview!

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Nouveau Niveau