Ableton released Note

Ableton released Note, a playable iOS app designed specifically for the early stages of the music-making process. Note offers multiple musical starting points with a curated selection of Ableton Live’s drum kits, melodic instruments and synth sounds.
Music-makers can also create their own sound palette by recording the world around them into Note’s sampler instruments. Those who want to take their ideas further can use Ableton Cloud to send their Note Sets straight to Live’s browser to pick up where they left off.

Starting ideas

  • Begin with a beat – Note features 56 Drum Sampler kits to use on the 16-pad grid.
  • Loose timing can be fixed by quantizing, or nudging individual notes.
  • Additional layers of rhythm can be added, along with beat repetitions using Note Repeat.
  • Sounds can be shaped by changing the parameters or adding effects.
  • Start with a melody – Music-makers can choose from 261 synth sounds and 36 Melodic Sampler instruments, which can be played polyphonically using the 25-
    pad grid or the piano roll.
  • Instantly harmonic results can be achieved by setting a key.
  • More layers of harmony can be added by overdubbing, and the sound can be shaped by tweaking parameters or adding effects.
  • Sample the world – Bespoke drum kits and melodic instruments can be created by recording percussive or tonal sounds into Note’s Drum Sampler and Melodic Sampler.
  • The samples can then be manipulated through cutting, filtering or repitching, and further transformed by adding effects.
  • Capture improvisations – There’s no need for music-makers to press record before they start playing.
  • By pressing the Capture button after playing something, Note will detect the tempo and length of the phrase and automatically create a loop.

Introducing Ableton Note: an app for musical sketching


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