AudioKit released King of FM for free

AudioKit released King of FM for free, an iPhone, iPad, iOS AUv3, and Silicon Mac app with DX7 and SY77 sounds.

Inspired by DX7 folklore, I sampled a legendary-sounding DX7II from a famous studio. Then I released an app called FM Player, packed with those samples. That was nearly six years ago, and the experience has been jaw-dropping.

The response from musicians? Stupidly incredible.

It blew me away when Herbie Hancock played it in the Studio. It left me speechless when Grammy-winning producers started using it in their sessions—producers for Drake, Jay-Z, Kendrick Lamar, and more are rocking the app. Songwriters for Alicia Keys and studio musicians for John Legend are all over it too.

KING OF FM is the follow-up to FM Player. For the first time ever, you can have these sounds on the iPhone and Silicon Macs. We’re not just talking about the sound of the past here. These sounds are being used on hit records right now. This app is the sound of today.

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More info and free download here: AudioKit | King of FM