AudioThing FLIP EQ for only 4,99 Euro

Often, mixing applications don‘t require ultra-flexible equalizers with countless filter types, frequency bands and settings options. In many cases, an equalizer with manageable parameterization and musical sound is just the right tool for the job. Just like the Things – FLIP EQ by AudioThing, an equalizer for quick timbre adjustments, but with which impressive stereo effects are also possible, because the plug-in is not only a classic tone control EQ, but also offers a filter section, as well as smart M/S options.

Price and availability
AudioThing FLIP EQ comes with the latest issue 11/21 of Beat magazine, which is available for 4,99 Euro as single PDF issue Beat Englishor as subscription at Yearly subscribers at Plugins-Samples get access to 100+ back issues of Beat Magazine, including all the software highlights (while stocks last).