Audiothing released Lines

Audiothing has unveiled its latest innovation, Lines, an extraordinary effect plugin that pushes boundaries. This versatile tool can transform various signals, from lo-fi telephone sounds to lush phasing, warm distortions, and even crushing feedback. Additionally, it offers features like ring modulation and unique frequency shifting. Even when used without any input, Lines serves as an experimental synthesizer, creating a wide array of inspiring rhythms, pulses, and organic soundscapes. The magic truly happens when combining input with internal engines, resulting in an unparalleled spectrum of sounds.

“Lines is the sixth plugin made with Hainbach, composer and YouTuber known for his test equipment explorations.”

Lines is compatible with MAC, PC, and LINUX systems, supporting VST, VST3, AU, AAX, CLAP formats (64-bit only). It’s also available as AUv3 and Standalone on the App Store.

One of the standout features of Lines is its real-life inspiration, the Axel Line Simulator. Originating from the 1970s in Jamaica, New York, and crafted by the now-defunct Axel Electronics, this simulator was never intended for musical applications. Instead, it was designed to mimic signal loss over telephone and data lines, incorporating a wide range of unique analog effects, including jitter, noise, intermittent pulses, frequency shift, distortion, and bandpass filters. Notably, it even boasts playable buttons for phase, amplitude, and dropouts.

Feedback Patching takes Lines to another level. By routing the unit’s output back into itself, users can explore a realm of liquid rhythms, throbbing basses, and exotic bird-like sounds. This turns it into a playable instrument even without any initial input, encouraging experimentation. Whether you introduce a piano, drums, or vocals to your composition, Lines melds them together in unexpected and beautiful ways. Thanks to the built-in limiter, it maintains a pleasant and controlled sound, mitigating the risk of harsh feedback.


  • Authentic feedback and signal path simulation down to the component level
  • Extended ranges and possibilities including frequency shift
  • Fine-tunable filters and additional filter in the feedback path
  • Flexible pulse sequencer
  • Comprehensive sync and modulation options

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Intro: € 39
Regular: € 69

More info here: Audiothing | Lines