Dear Reality released Miya

Re-synthesize your audio based on its DNA and go from slight alterations to a complete aggressive reconstruction. Using adjustable harmonics, MIYA creates a wide range of permutations of the original input, ranging from subtle textures to gnarly distortion and even massive sub-harmonics. Enhance your sounds to punch through the mix by sculpting them like a synthesizer.

Even though we specialize in spatial audio technology, we also burn for interesting audio algorithms outside of our immersive focus. A perfect example of this is MIYA.

MIYA is a wavelet distortion plugin. Unlike ordinary distortion effects, this plugin processes the original signal by detecting the zero-crosses and replaces the intervals between them with additively synthesized waveforms. In other words, the plugin replaces the original with a new audio signal by keeping just one aspect of the incoming sound (i.e., the zero-cross intervals). This process creates a unique digital distortion, in which the listener can recognize both the original’s footprints and the synthesized sound’s sonority.

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Intro: €39,00 exc. VAT
Regular: €49,00 exc. VAT

More info here: Dear Reality | Miya