Frap Tools released CUNSA

Frap Tools released CUNSA, a quadruple analog pingable multimode resonant filter, saturator, mixer, and oscillator.

cunsa /ˈcuːnsa/ s.f. [dialect of Modena of uncertain etymology, probably from a Latin *comptiare, derived from comptus, participle of comĕre ‘organize,’ ‘decorate’] — curing, seasoning (of foods), tanning (of leathers).
Seasoning is crucial for cooking. It is a process that enhances the flavors, glues the ingredients together, and even adds some unexpected kick.
From a gentle refining touch to a shovelful of spice, CUNSA is the perfect seasoning tool for your patches. It can sweeten a sour lead or beef up an insipid bass line, and anything in between.
And, just like a good oil, you can even taste it by itself!

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850,00 € + VAT

More info here: Frap Tools | CUNSA