Expert Sleepers released Aloysius

Expert Sleepers released Aloysius, an envelope with an unusual AHDW (attack/hold/decay/wait) configuration, sometimes referred to as a trapezoid generator. CV control of all envelope times is provided. The envelope can be set to auto-trigger, turning it into a complex voltage-controlled LFO.

The shape of the attack and decay sections can be independently and continuously adjusted from exponential, through linear, to logarithmic.

The module is constructed entirely from analogue parts and discrete logic. There is no microcontroller or digital-to-analogue conversion involved and therefore no quantization of voltage levels or of the response time.

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MSRP: UK £179 (inc VAT), US $185 (exclusive of sales tax), EU €169.50 (exclusive of VAT)

More info here: Expert Sleepers | Aloysius