ToneBoosters released TB Lowtone

ToneBoosters released TB Lowtone, an innovative bass synthesizer plug-in featuring three voltage-controlled oscillators with a large variety of waveform algorithms, continuous pulse-width modulation (PWM), Frequency Modulation (FM) and oscillator hard sync, complemented by a voltage-controlled noise synthesizer, parameter modulation a re-designed non-linear voltage controlled filter.

TB Lowtone is the world’s first bass synthesizer featuring loudness-domain harmonic synthesis, creating deeper, more consistent and production-ready bass sounds compared to conventional synthesizers operating in the (linear) amplitude domain.
TB Lowtone also features a smart randomizer that generates new patches with a single click, and which learns from the patches you have already created to generate new, personalized patches!

€24 (Personal, perpetual license for Windows and macOS for use up to 4 computers)

More info here: ToneBoosters | TB Lowtone