ZenDAW released Prismic for Decent Sampler

ZenDAW released Prismic for Decent Sampler, a treasure trove of unexpected hybrid sounds: from cozy, organic analog tones to futuristic and abstract digital textures.
25 multisound presets combining 50 evolving hybrid sound textures. Analog & Digital sounds featuring Additive, Granular, Wavetable synthesis, and Effects Processing.

Soundscapes off the beaten track. A series of multi-sampled sounds going to sound regions entrenched in hidden territories mixing analog and digital. The sounds are in the cinematic field (evolving textures, layered hybrid sounds) from warm and organic analog tones to futuristic and abstract digital textures.
Be prepared for unconventional textures. Think Nordic atmospheres, sounds that fit together and produce cyclical movements. It pushes the boundaries of traditional soundscapes, offering a unique and often otherworldly sonic landscape.

Prismic is made from sound arrangements mixing different synths, treated and blanded to create organic sounds. It is about 25 presets, made from 50 synthesis combinations.

These hybrid sound textures invite us to embark on a sonic journey that transcends boundaries and expands our perception of sound by creating a tapestry of auditory sensations that can transport listeners to new realms. The use of a sustain pedal when playing the presets is highly recommended.

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Intro: $20
Regular: $29

More info here: ZenDAW | Prismic