Fred Anton Corvest released Maxima for iOS

Fred Anton Corvest has released Maxima for iOS.

Maxima is an audio effect designed to provide automatic gain control of your audio materials to ensure that the levels stay consistent and never exceed 0dB. It’s a clever combination of dynamic processors that can be set to provide a gentle transparent signal boost respecting the initial dynamic or significant colorised level maximisation. Thanks to a unique signal path, algorithms and a small set of parameters, Maxima makes a complicated task easy.

  • Designed to provide automatic gain control of your input signal
  • Can be used on master or individual tracks, to finalise your tunes or to be creative
  • Provides precise dynamic control: threshold, reset time and make up (raise)
  • Adjustable detection algorithm, 4 filters modes to be transparent or not
  • Suitable for any situation, going from subtle to drastic changes
  • Multi-waveform graph of pre and post signal processing with 6 seconds buffer!
  • Audio Unit V3 iOS
  • Host app provided (iOS: Supports most of your input devices – mic and USB devices)
  • iOS AuV3 supported in GarageBand, AudioBus3, AUM, BM3, ModStep…

More info here: Fred Anton Corvest | Maxima
Maxima for iOS is available for USD 6.99$ at the apple itunes store: Maxima