Heavyocity released Avant: Modern Keys

Heavyocity released Avant: Modern Keys, a bold transformation of the electric piano, AVANT pushes the ordinary into new realms of musical genres and scoring. Selected for its distinctive sound and influential musical history, the Heavyocity team began with a classic Mark II electric piano and rediscovered the best-kept secret under its hood. With the inner components isolated, and captured through pristinely prepared performances (using hammers, ebows, twine, and picks), its breadth has been expanded to defy all expectations — delivering a diverse range of ornate, innovative, and unusual sounds for you to explore.

Paired with the powerful ASCEND engine, the sound sources in AVANT can be taken to an entirely new level, allowing for complete customization by layering, modulating, and processing up to three different sources at the same time. With AVANT, Heavyocity has forged a new class of modern electric keys capable of telling any story.

AVANT: Modern Keys - Preset Playthrough │ Heavyocity

Intro: $99
Regular: $119

More info here: Heavyocity | Avant: Modern Keys