Heavyocity released Fury Distortion Designer

Heavyocity released Fury Distortion Designer, a fun and intuitive, but also sonically flexible all-new distortion plugin. Offering an expansive range of distortion flavors in one massive plugin — from subtle tube warmth to hard clipping, lo-fi crush to analog-modeled circuitry, simple to downright chaotic — FURY will be your distortion playground.

At its core, FURY is a semi-modular distortion designer. The main part of the distortion effect has three distinct sections — DRIVE, DISTORTION, and TONE — within each of these sections there are several modules allowing you to mix and match, altering the behavior of each, as you see fit. In fact, there are over 700 possible module combinations and over 100 custom-made presets for you to explore.

Additionally, FURY can be modulated. While this is an uncommon feature of distortion, it can offer some interesting options, like adding subtle movement, reactivity or creating harmonic complexity. FURY delivers a plethora of monstrous distortion options where you can shape, mangle, or crunch your sound.

FURY - Preset Playthrough │ Heavyocity

Intro: $99
Regular: $119

More info here: Heavyocity | Fury Distortion Designer