Pagefall released Autony

Pagefall released Autony, an unreliable sequence generator for iOS. A highly configurable midi controlable sequence generator with a built in note quantiser.

Sequencer Controls
Select clock divisions from the AU host – from 1/32nd to a note every four bars for ambient sounds.
Quantity allows the sequence to have rests added in in a musical way
Reliability takes you from 100% – every play of the sequence is every time to less than that with a whole number of aspects changing. Autony generates 3 identical sequences to start with. As reliability drops then it is liable to switch between these, notes may change and the playback head may skip. The hidden sequences mean that themes can re-appear
The sequence length can be anything from 1 note to 64 notes long and gate lengths can be made longer than the sequence note length for ambient applications…

Autony has a built in quantiser that keeps the sequence musical. The quantiser has a number of cool features: the initial sequence can be transposed before it reaches the quantiser, then it can be constrained to one of a range of useful scales. Beyond that it can be constrained to one of 8 chords (I,II,III…VII) of that scale and of course a root set for the scale. Any or all of these controls can be automated or modulated by midi as well

Watch Autony play the notes it has generated, see it switch between the three sequences and see the notes mutate
autony midi page.jpeg

Midi Control
Automate or Modulate all the controls via midi for ever evolving sequences

More info here: Pagefall | Autony