Pittsburgh Modular released Llama and Polar Bear

Pittsburgh Modular released Llama and Polar Bear, 2 new modules for eurorack, the first results of Pittsburgh Modular’s research into analog drum synthesis.

These circuits were designed as part of a larger project but large projects are slow and we are excited about these sounds NOW so a small batch of modules for us and our friends was necessary.

The Llama and Polar Bear are an attempt at creating realistic(-ish) kick and snare drums using our own unique designs. These modules are not based on the sound of any famous drum machine, instead they represent a new approach to building synthesized kick and snare drums informed by the world around us. The results are something that sound not completely unlike kick and snare drums, but with a flexibility that bends beyond the limits of a physical instrument.

Llamas Make the Best Kick Drums
The Llama is a majestic creature known almost exclusively for the unique way it generates kick drum sounds when it is angry. Our module pays tribute to this soulful, sonic wonder. We think it sounds very nice.

Polar Bear Rhymes with Snare
Although most polar bears are born on land, they spend the majority of their life on the sea ice hunting for the perfect snare drum. Most hunts end in failure. However, with a little bit of luck, the Polar Bear is rewarded with a glorious snap! We think this one sounds very nice too.

New Modules Llama Kick and Polar Bear Snare Patch Lab with Richard Nicol

The retail price for the Llama and Polar Bear is $199 each. Because these modules are considered experiments, production has been limited to 200 Llamas and 200 Polar Bears. The modules are available now through the Pittsburgh Modular web shop. More information regarding the Llama and Polar Bear Eurorack Modules is available at pittsburghmodular.com/safari.

More info here: Pittsburgh Modular | Llama and Polar Bear