Splice Blog – Finding audience for your music

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We found an interesting article from our friends at the Splice Blog about Finding an audience for your music when it’s genreless, niche, or cross-over by Shannon Lee Byrne.

How many more microgenres will we create until we give up and call it all music?
Today’s musicians and listeners are largely ready for a genre-fluid world, as indicated by creative output and listening habits. However, it will take some time for even the most nimble members of the supply chain to catch up to the artists and fans at each end. With various interests at play, decision makers continue to rely on genre categorization for organization, distribution, and discovery mechanisms.

While the tides change (albeit slowly), here are some ways you can increase the discoverability of your music today, whether you’re making hyper niche or genreless art.

More info here: Splice Blog | Finding an audience for your music when it’s genreless, niche, or cross-over

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