TubeOhm released Jeannie (DIY Synthesizer)

TubeOhm released Jeannie, a 8 voice polyphonic DIY synthesizer, 2 oscillators, 2 envelopes, multimode filter, waveshaper,2 LFO, ring, sync,FM , Xor,or, and a step sequencer . The oscillators have 945 different waveforms each. More than 2000 sounds can be stored on the SD-Ram card
*** Very new are the 10 adjustable waveshaper behind the filter. This gives .

The synthesizer contains a digital FX, but it can be extended with up to 14 different effects (programmable and storable) via an additional board containing a DSP.

TubeOhm DIY JEANNIE  Synthesizer

Several DIY KITs are available.

More info here: TubeOhm | Jeannie